Chilton Baseball

Our baseball teams for grades 1-8 play in the Calumet Baseball League which consists of teams from towns North and East of Chilton.

League Rules/Schedules/Standings: Calumet League Website

The 7/8th grade boys also play in the Graders level of the East Shore League which consists of teams from towns to the South of Chilton.


1st/2nd Grade plays in the Rookies League

3rd/4th Grade plays in the Travel Ball League

5th/6th Grade plays in the Little League

7th/8th Grade plays the Pony League as well as select 7th graders play with the 8th grade in the Graders League.


Practices begin when the fields are available, typically late April.

Games begin in May. Graders start in early May and all other leagues start mid/late May.


All home games are played at Nennig Park in Chilton, WI.

Away games vary by team and league.


Practices are all held at Nennig Park in Chilton, WI.


All teams play between 8/15 games per season (the more games the higher the level).

Each league after Rookies holds a seeded tournament at the end of the summer (usually early/mid July).

Graders tournament is a step-up to high school team and it has a play-in tournament, so teams need to qualify. Team construction and playing time are dictated by the coaches at this level.


Jerseys are purchased by parents and can stay with their child as long as the style doesn't change and it still fits.

Opponent Park Locations

Summer 2024

Practices begin late April and games start in May. The season will run through Mid/Late July ending with a week long league tournament.

Grades 1-6 play exclusively in the Calumet Baseball League. Registration to play at these levels is $65.

Grades 7-8 play in both the Calumet Baseball League and the East Shore League. Registration for this level is $100.

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