Additional Positions

Subsection 1 in the Appendix of our bylaws state:

Each year the President and the officers may appoint and/or request additional positions as outlined in the appendix. These are not voted upon positions and will report back to the officers and board any updates or requests for assistance as needed. They may also be called upon to be present at meetings to give any updates or field requests. These positions may also be filled by active board members and the elected officers.

Director of Baseball Operations - Attends League meetings and coordinates coaches/teams

Director of Softball Operations - Attends League meetings and coordinates coaches/teams

Coordinator of the Grounds - Responsible for ensuring the fields are maintained

Gameday Coordinator - Responsible for assigning umpires and game fields

Digital Director - Responsible for running the website/registration/Facebook and all things related to the clubs online presence

Tournament Director - Organize and be the main point of contact for any tournaments run independent of end of season league tournaments

Concession Stand Coordinator - Responsible for purchasing and restocking the concession stand. Additional duties may include coordinating who is working in the stand and who is opening and closing the stand.

Equipment Director - In charge of all equipment used by the teams throughout the year. Is the liaison with purchasing new equipment. Coaches contact this person to replace equipment in season.

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