7:00 PM | Away Game Wrightstown Baseball
Travel Ball Baseball 1
18 Apr

Umpire Schedule

Umpires, click below to see the current schedule.

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6 May

New Hat ordering link

We have a new link to order hats only. It takes 1-2 weeks to get the hats, but if you need a replacement or want one of your own, you can now order them here: Chilton AC Hats

10 Mar

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22 Dec

Congratulations A-League Team!

Congratulations to our A League softball team who took 3rd place in the league tournament over the weekend in Chilton!!

What a great way to cap off our youth season!

22 Dec

Congratulations Pony 2 Team!

Congratulations to our Chilton Pony 2 team that earned 3rd place in the end of the season tournament!!

22 Dec

Congratulations Little League 1 Team!

Congratulations to our Chilton Little League 1 team who won the Little League Championship tonight!!

22 Dec

Congratulations C-League 1 Team!

Congratulations to our Chilton 1 team in C League Softball. They took home the consolation championship today! 

22 Dec

Congratulations Travel Ball Teams!

Congratulations to our Travel ball teams! Chilton 2 beat Chilton 1 in the league Championship 7-6. What a great way to end the season for these two teams.

Even better is they pose for a picture together!

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